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6 Things You Need to Know About ABLE

Posted by on November 16, 2016 - 0 Comments fans know that we are always looking for new ideas that can help people with disabilities fully participate in every part of the community.  We listened to a great webinar put on by the National Disability Institute and want to share 6 basic things that we learned about a new way for you to save money through a program called ABLE:

  1. ABLE stands for = A Better Life for Everybody;  it’s a program that allows you to put money into something called an ABLE account to save, invest or spend money on your disability expenses.
  2. Your disability had to start before you turned 26 in order to open an ABLE account.
  3. You – the person with the disability -are the owner of ABLE account.  Your supporter (a parent or a guardian) may be able to help with the account but the money is there for you and for your benefit.
  4. If you receive SSI, the money that is put into your ABLE account will not take away your government benefits (until your account reaches $100,000).
  5. Anybody can put money into your ABLE account to help you save; that means – you, your parents, family, friends and supporters.johng.makesapurchase
  6. ABLE is one of many tools that you can use to live a productive, integrated life.  Other tools can include things such as earning money through work, receiving government benefits money, and special needs trusts.

We  think ABLE accounts are a great new tool for some folks to have choice and ability to realize greater financial independence and self-sufficiency.  Are you eligible for ABLE?  

I want to know more about ABLE in my state.

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