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Lessons in Internet Safety and Productivity

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Each Saturday this month, if you peered through the windows of the Northbrook Public Library, you might have spotted a group of talented teenagers engaged in discussion and interactive games with the JJ’s List Team. That’s because we’ve been putting our Safe and Productive Internet Life & Literacy Skills (SPILLS) curriculum for students with disabilities to action through a weekly workshop series.


SPILLS Workshop Participants Session 1


How can one practice good netiquette on-line, just as he/she does with etiquette on-land? What are some tell-tale signs of scams on-line? How do you control your privacy on Facebook? How do you identify a potential sexual predator? What should you keep in mind as an adult venturing into the world of on-line dating? How do you choose an Internet Coach?

These are just some of the lessons that were covered. Our closed-door open space allowed for a safe environment in which our teen and young adult learners could share their personal experiences and ask questions. Through interactive role plays and activities, they were able to reinforce what they were learning in a fun way.


SPILLS Session 2 students


Add the personal interactions with our volunteers and the delicious pizza lunch breaks to the learning, and what we got was one great experience. Our workshop participants were an absolute joy to work with and it was so great to watch them grow.

“Can we do this again next time?” asked one of our learners at the end of his two-day workshop. Sounds like another session this Summer is in order!

If you’d like to find out more about our upcoming SPILLS Workshops for teens and young adults with disabilities, please email us at

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