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5 Ways that You & Pace Can Work Together

Posted by on October 12, 2015 - 1 Comment

Get everyone to where they need to go on time

With Pace’s consistent schedule and fixed route, there are no surprises. Everyone will be able to get to where they need to go on time. This leads to the possibility of taking the bus service for work, appointments, you name it!

Promote independenceGroup Photo_Hop Training_Seguin_100912

Pace Fixed Route Services give individuals with disabilities the independence to get where they need to go.   There are training services to ease any worry and fear of public transportation.  Riders will find that it’s easy to use and causes a worry-free commute.

Get the most out of your money

Passengers who are eligible for the ADA Paratransit Services are automatically eligible to use Pace Fixed Route Services at half of the regular fee.  All you have to do is show your ADA Paratransit Services ID Card or RTA Reduced Fare permit to the driver.  If you do not have either of those and think you are eligible, please consider applying for an RTA Reduced Fare Permit by calling 1-800-439-2202.

Support disability aware businesses

Pace is an active part of the community, which is committed to providing accessibility for individuals with disabilities.  They were the first transit agency in Northeastern Illinois to achieve a fully accessible fixed route bus fleet. They ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to public transportation.  By riding on Pace Bus, you are supporting disability aware businesses.

Spread the word!

We encourage you to try Pace Fixed Route Services.  If you like what you see and experience, please spread the word!  Help your community know the benefits of Pace – including audio and visual announcements of stops, “kneeling” buses, ramps, priority seating and wheelchair securement areas.  To learn more about how Pace can help you, please go to

1 Comment

matthew lachapelle says:
Oct 13, 2015

I take the pace buss every two days in a roll. It is great Some times when people come on the buss they sit down when there is a sing of a wheel car they sit there.

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