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5 Things Every Business Should Know About Service Animals

Posted by on February 11, 2014 - 2 Comments
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  1. Service animals are not pets. Often businesses think by posting a “No Pets” sign in their establishment they are exempt from allowing service animals in to their business. This sign does not apply to service animals.
  2. Papers are not legally required for service animals. Business owners may ask, “Is this a service animal and what is it trained to do for you?” Because of the lack of regulations and privacy concerns it’s hard to prosecute those with fake service animals.
  3. Service animals do more then guide individuals with disabilities. They can be used to help someone remain balanced, help someone grab an item that’s hard to reach or any other assistance someone may need.
  4. Service animals are the responsibility of their owner. As a business owner you should be able to run your business without worrying about having a service animal there.
  5. Service animals are trained. They help individuals with disabilities perform certain tasks.
*Please read the revised ADA Requirements: Service Animals
Written by Philister Sidigu Philister Sidigu is the Digital Marketing and Community Engagement Manager at JJ’s List. You can find her on FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter.
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Matthew Lachapelle says:
Feb 20, 2014

I think service animals help individual with disabilities. A friend of mine uses a service animal and I think requiring businesses to allow service animals will increase their revenue.

Abegail J. Stahr says:
Jan 19, 2016

I love animals especially dogs, the reason why I like dogs, because I have a dog myself and they are very theraputic for someone who has anxiety. They are very calming to be around with. I love this article that you wrote. I need a theraputic dog.

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