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3 lessons in disability-awareness we can all learn

Posted by on January 20, 2012 - 1 Comment

When David Kreiman, the Executive VP at Glenview State Bank, wrote a response to a review, he delivered a fine example disability-awareness.

He took the time to investigate the issue mentioned, rectify it, and write personally to the reviewer to thank her for bringing it to their attention. By doing so, Glenview State Bank sent the underlying message ‘We care about you. Your voice matters and we strive to provide excellent service to our customers of all abilities.’ Glenview State Bank could have stopped right there, but they didn’t.

They decided they were going to truly embrace disability-awareness by listing all 8 of their branches in our Directory so that each one can receive our counter-top displays, window clings and “ten tips for great service to customers with disabilities” posters.

Glenview State Bank teaches us some really great lessons:

1. People With Disabilities and Businesses can work together hand-in-hand to create a more inclusive community.
2. Businesses want to become disability-aware and appreciate your efforts to help them.
3. Your consumer voice can truly make a difference.

This might have been a little pebble thrown into a pond, but the effect of the ripples that resulted had a size and reach that went way beyond. If enough of us throw our pebbles in at the same time, imagine the tsunami effect that could have!

Needless to say, the young woman who wrote the review was overjoyed. She had written it as part of her transition class at the North Suburban Special Education District.

When we at JJ’s List heard about all that was happening, we thought, “how great would it be if the young reviewer could actually meet David at GSB to thank him personally?”


Group Picture of JJ's List, NSSED Transition Program and David at GSB


Students from the Glenview Transition South Self-Determination Group with
David Kreiman of Glenview State Bank. 


Fast forward to Jan 4, Dog Lover 26 and her fellow transition classmates were literally bursting at the seams with excitement for their visit to Glenview State Bank. It was such a treat to finally meet David in person and thank him for leading the way in disability-awareness. What a beautiful story of things coming full circle. We at JJ’s List are really looking forward to working with Glenview State Bank to further strengthen their disability-awareness.

This just truly affirms the difference you can make when you post your reviews on A little effort can go a long way. It’s easy and it’s free, so go for it… write a review today.

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Dec 07, 2016

Great blog post! Thought I had posted a reply here already but oh well.

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