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2023 Will Be an Exciting Year for Pace Riders

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New UZURV and taxi options, new low-cost passes, free transfers – and electric buses are coming too!

Edward Madden – Pace Suburban Bus

For riders able to utilize the more convenient, last minute travel option of regular fixed bus routes, Pace is offering new low-cost passes and free transfers when using your Ventra card in 2023. 

For those riding ADA paratransit vehicles, passengers are now able to opt for either a taxicab or UZURV, a new service provider similar to Uber and Lyft – all in addition to our taxi access program (TAP) for taxicab rides in Chicago.

Plus, Pace is super excited to introduce new electric buses too!

New Passes

In 2023, Pace is introducing new, lower-cost Pace-CTA Ventra passes that provide unlimited rides on both systems. One-day passes are now just $5 and three-day passes are only $15.

Pace is also lowering the cost of our unlimited-ride seven-day pass from $25 to $20. That pass is also valid on CTA buses and trains.

Free Transfers

Pace-to-Pace transfers will be free in 2023 for riders using a Ventra card on regular routes. Those transfers currently cost riders 30 cents (or 20 cents for reduced fare riders). The cost of premium transfers with Ventra cards will be lowering too, decreasing from $2.80 to $2.50 (or $1.45 for reduced fare riders).


Since our ADA paratransit rider’s quality of service is directly impacted by driver availability, Pace is doing everything we can to have as many travel options and drivers as possible for our riders.

In addition to the optional use of a taxicab for paratransit trips, a transportation network company (TNC) with a funny name – UZURV (pronounced YOU-ZERVE) is providing paratransit rides for Pace as an opt-in travel alternative to ADA riders when calling to make a reservation.

When you make a reservation for your ADA Paratransit ride you will be asked if you would accept a ride from a taxi or UZURV vehicle, in addition to our Pace ADA Paratransit buses. To help you identify the vehicle, taxi and UZURV vehicles will display the placard with the Pace logo in their window, as shown here:

Be sure to confirm the driver is picking you up for your ride before getting into a taxi or UZURV vehicle. If a UZURV vehicle picks you up, it will also have the UZURV logo displayed as well, as shown here:

Please Note: If you agree to be picked up by a taxi or UZURV vehicle, you will need to look for a taxi, UZURV vehicle, or ADA Paratransit bus, as we cannot confirm the vehicle type at the time of booking.

If you DO NOT want to ride with a taxi or a UZURV vehicle, please provide that information when you are making your reservation. You can have that information added to your profile, in which case you will only be picked up in a Pace ADA Paratransit bus.

Offering UZURV and taxicabs is another of the many things that Pace is doing to alleviate the impacts of the driver shortage that is severely impacting public transit and all transportation industries across our country.

Even riders who are unable to use these travel options due the need for larger mobility devices still benefit from these new service options,  as they reduce the demand for available ADA paratransit accessible vehicles.

See for more information.

City of Chicago Taxi Access Program (TAP)

You may recall that TAP is an excellent alternative ADA paratransit travel option that subsides taxicab travel up to $30 for rides originating in the City of Chicago 

To help our ADA paratransit riders travel during the pandemic, Pace has been waiving the normal $3 City of Chicago Taxi Access Program (TAP) fare. However, as part of the 2023 budget, Pace must end the waiver and begin charging for the TAP subsidy again.

Fortunately, the standard $3 cost will be reduced to $2 (a 33% discount) and TAP cards can be used for up to eight trips per day.

To qualify for TAP, you must be certified by the RTA as being eligible for ADA Paratransit service. Visit to learn more.

Zero Emission – Electric Buses

As part of Driving Innovation, Pace is committed to making the North Division in Waukegan a zero-emission-only facility by 2026 and to converting Pace’s entire bus fleet to zero-emission vehicles by 2040.

To kick things off, Pace secured its first electric bus in November and ordered 20 electric buses for delivery in 2023.

With an ever-increasing urgency to move away from fossil fuels in mind, and a desire to do our part in resolving this crisis, Pace is committed to limiting our carbon footprint and improving the air we all breath.

To learn more about Pace’s zero emissions commitment, visit

For more information about all of Pace transportation services, please visit and Have a wonderful 2023!

Edward Madden is the Coordinator of Public Outreach for Pace Suburban Bus and one of JJ’s List’s Hop on the Bus to Independence presenters. Among his many communication responsibilities, Ed promotes the numerous transportation services that Pace offers in the 6-county Chicagoland region.


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