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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Evanston’s First Parklet

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Hewn Parklet

Evanston is building its first parklet! We decided to ask the force behind the Evanston parklet, Hewn owners Julie Matthei and Ellen King, to tell us more about the green space to be built on the parking space in front of their bakery. Here are a few of the questions they were kind enough to answer for us:

1. How accessible will the parklet be for individuals with disabilities?

The parklet will be handicap accessible for all people to enjoy.

2. Who is going to build the parklet?

Scott Simpson Builders will construct the parklet and they dismantle it, then reassemble it. Jeanie Petrick is the architect.

3. How many people will the parklet sit?

This depends on how people sit. But it should be able to have 10-12 people sitting or standing on the parklet.

4. What will the $14,000 go towards?

The $14,000 will cover 85% of the total cost. It will cover the architectural plans, the building materials, labor costs to build the parklet, and storage of the parklet during the winter.

5. Will the parklet be open to the public at all times or will there be set hours?

Great question. The parklet is open to everyone at all hours. Hewn does not own the space, and it is open to the public. The city asked Hewn to facilitate the project and that is why we are using kickstarter to raise funds since it is a community project.

6. Is there a plan to market the parklet to the Evanston community?

The city is using the Dempster Parklet as a pilot project. If the pilot is successful they will look at other locations to expand to.

7. Will the parklet be open year-round or only during certain months?

The parklet will be open from mid-April to mid-October. The parklet will be stored during the winter months.

8. Are there any safety concerns about the parklet that you’re addressing with the design?

We have worked with the city and followed guidelines from other cities to address safety concerns. The parklet has a set back from the traffic side and reflectors will be installed in addition to a bump guard for cars parking behind the spot.

9. If successful, would you expand the size of parklet?

We do not anticipate expanding the size of the parklet.

10. Why do you think the parking space in front of Hewn is a great space for the parklet?

The space being used for the parklet is a 20 minute spot. It seems a great way to utilize the space in the warm months when many people choose to walk or bike places. This spot is also central to many businesses on Dempster that will benefit from the new outdoor seating space.

Want to support Evanston’s first Parklet? Visit the Kickstarter page here.

Have other questions? Feel free to ask!

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