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This business has 1 positive and 0 negatives.
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Johnny Rocket's

Not A JJ's List Disability-Aware Business Yet
Category: Restaurant/Cafe
Phone number: (847) 677-6039
Location: 4999 Old Orchard Center Suite B13, Skokie, IL 60077
* this business has multiple locations
Review Johnny Rocket's
This business has 1 positive and 0 negatives.
7:13pm 07/19/10

I've taken the pace bus to Old Orchard by myself and have walked over to Johnny Rockets. When I've been to Johnny Rockets by myself, it hasn't been too hard to order my food. When I walked into Johnny Rockets, there was a sign that said you could seat yourself, so then I walked over to a booth and got a table for one. After I sat down at my table, the waiter came right away and took my order. The waiter was helpful and friendly. He gave me extra time to decide what I want to order. He started out with drinks, so when I ordered my drink, I ordered a root beer. My drink was ready in about less that a minute. After my root beer arrived, I was ready to order my food. What I got from Johnny Rockets was a hot dog with french fries. My food was ready in about 10 to 15 minutes. When my food arrived, the waiter took it to my table and said to enjoy. After my food arrived, I ate my food and continued drinking my root beer. I enjoy the food at Johnny Rockets. They've got good hot dogs at this location, and I enjoy their french fries. I also enjoy their root beer. After I finished my food, I was ready to pay the bill. I then walked up to the counter and told the waiter I was ready to pay. So then I got a receipt and paid for my food. When I paid for my food, the waiter was helpful. He made sure to give the right amount of change. After I got my change, I paid the tip, left Johnny Rockets, and then took the bus home. Johnny Rockets is a fun restaurant to go to.

Disability Awareness:   Welcoming, Talked to me person-to-person, Asked me if I needed or wanted help, Friendly, Gave me extra time, Respectful, Helpful when I needed assistance or accommodation, Flexible service

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