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This business has 1 positive and 0 negatives.
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Arts of Life, Inc.

Category: Disability-owned/operated, Employer, Entertainment, Disability-Aware Business
Phone number: (312) 829-2787
Location: 1963 Johns Dr, Glenview, IL 60025
* this business has multiple locations
Monday - Friday : 9AM - 3PM

Nearest Transportation Stop: Damen and Carroll Streets (#50) - PACE accessible
The Arts of Life is a collection of people with and without disabilities creating an artistic culture to realize our full potential. We operate studio and gallery spaces at 2010 W. Carroll Ave Chicago, IL (main office) and 1963 Johns Dr Glenview, IL.
Disability Aware Features:
  • Hires or would like to hire qualified individuals with disabilities
  • Offer products or services for people with disabilities
  • Physically accessible
  • Trained staff
  • Volunteer opportunities for people with disabilities
Review Arts of Life, Inc.
This business has 1 positive and 0 negatives.
5:02pm 12/09/09

To say that Arts of Life is a great model of employment and community for individuals with disabilities is an understatement. As soon as you walk through the door, you realize that this is not just another program. Arts of Life is an artist's studio that combines vocational purpose with life skills and relationship development. The Executive Director, Denise Fisher, has vision, compassion and creativity. She has helped to create a unique and purposeful art community that is individualized. The studio is respectful of needs and differences. We, who live in the northern suburbs, are excited about the prospects of Arts of Life, North. I highly recommend that you check out Arts of Life for a loved one who happens to have a disability who loves art, or perhaps as a place to volunteer your time.
Noah and Ellen

Disability Awareness:   Welcoming, Talked to me person-to-person, Asked me if I needed or wanted help, Friendly, Gave me choices, Gave me extra time, Respectful, Helpful when I needed assistance or accommodation, Has employees with disabilities, Flexible service, Physically accessible

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