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Goalball: A Collegiate Sport for Athletes with Disabilities

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There aren’t many opportunities for students with disabilities to play intercollegiate sports. For people with visual impairments, it’s nearly impossible to pursue their athletic dreams once they go off to college. However, the University of … Read More >

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Tackle Unemployment with Zen Blends

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You’re the host. The big game is back again and you’ve found yourself quarterbacking the party, rummaging through your cabinets as you scramble for a crowd-pleasing recipe.

Here’s our play to guarantee a touchdown with your … Read More >

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So Your Employee Has a Job Coach. Now What?


As a manager, you have a lot to deal with on a daily basis,  so when your employee with a disability has a Job Coach, you might ask, “Do I have to deal with this too?”

The … Read More >

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5 Ways to Look Your Best at a Job Interview

01/16/15 - Uncategorized - 5 Comments

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Congrats! You finally received a phone call from an employer asking you to come in for an interview! Now, what do you wear? You want your first impression to be strong, for the people … Read More >


Zen Blends: Product Review

01/13/15 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments


With frigid weather consuming the vast majority of the country, we thought it would be a great time to put one of our favorite disability-aware brands to good use! We reached out to our staff member … Read More >

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What NOT to Talk About in the Workplace


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The New Year is underway, and Erin Kelly, resident on-line Job Coach, says that now is a good time to review your social communication and social thinking practices in the workplace. There are some topics that should … Read More >

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5 Tips to Supporters on How to Succeed at No Boundaries

01/06/15 - Education, IPS - 2 Comments

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Growing up as a wheelchair user has provided me with an entirely different perspective on life compared to my friends without disabilities. I view things differently, from the way members of our society interact with … Read More >

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A Look Back on 2014: No Boundaries Coworkers

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Our coworkers at No Boundaries joined in on the reminiscing fun! Press play, and allow the festive melody of Celtic Woman guide you through the memories of our wonderful team!

Adrian –

I don’t … Read More >

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A Look Back on 2014

12/12/14 - Uncategorized - 2 Comments

Staff Memories

NOTE: This post is far more enjoyable if you click “play” before reading…

As 2014 comes to an end and the No Boundaries team heads into the final weeks of December, a sense of nostalgia is rapidly consuming … Read More >

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Pace’s Fixed Route Bus Service


Need to get a head start on your holiday shopping? Pace Bus can help! Jump on Pace’s fixed bus route service and get to your holiday shopping destination without the hassle.

Fixed route service gives you the … Read More >